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To play online coop, simply Host a Lobby by pressing the "Host Game" button, people will then see your

Lobby in their Online menu (or need to press "Refresh List") - Or you can just join someone else's open Lobby.

If you experience any issues connecting to a friend or other player, one of these things are happening:

A. The lobby is messed up and you need to log out and in again or you have a firewall in the background running

B. You don't have the latest version (The launcher shows a message in this case) -> Check for Updates

C. The Host does not have uPnP enabled in his router or needs to open a port

-> Check Port Forwarding in the Settings or the text further below

D. Your ISP forces you to use IPv6. We've been made aware that the underlying networking infrastructure does not support hosting Lobbys with an IPv6 address. We will build our own infrastructure as soon as we have time for it.

E. You are trying to play with another user from the same local network. We've been made aware that strict firewalls (C) are causing issues with 2 or more players from the same network (router). Make sure only the host Player has Port forwarding enabled and ports are assigned to the correct computer

F. Something very crazy and rare is going on, let us know!


In most cases you may just need to open the Port in your router (and uPnP, if it is disabled) which is rather easy to do! Sometimes the router blocks the connection and you need to manually allow it to happen through a port you tell it basically. 



Opening your Ports

1. Try to connect to someone else and see which person has the issue if possible

2. Start with opening your router settings through your Browser

3. Find your uPnP setting and enable it > Save setting - If uPnP was enabled and it still didn't work; 

4. Go to the game settings, open "Port Forwarding Settings" press the [X] to enable it

5. Open the ports that are displayed in that menu in your router

(If you don't know how, just check out, look for your router model

and follow the instructions, its very easy and you will need it for other games in the future so its good to know)

Remember that we are not Router and Internet Tech support and we can not troubleshoot your Router or connection, you should find everything on the Internet rather easily. Hope that helps!

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