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SYNTHETIK is a fast-paced, shooter rogue-lite set in a retro-futuristic world, combining the next level in gun-play with a varied arsenal of powerful tech to experiment with. Players are put through their paces battling from floor to floor of the citadel against relentless foes to prevent mankind’s extinction.

  • Synthetik brings a new perspective to the shooter genre by incorporating mechanics, such as manual ejection and active reload, movement based recoil, switching ammo types, weapon heat, jamming and more.


  • The game blends roguelike elements of permadeath and semi-randomly generated levels with difficulty modifiers, and a strong class progression with 4 unique specialisations, loadouts and perks.


  • Players must advance through 4 "stages" consisting of 3 - 5 levels and a boss fight. Throughout play, players are awarded "Credits", to purchase weapons, items and upgrades during that session only, and "Data", to spend on permanent modifications and augments between sessions.


  • There is plenty to discover and experiment with; from pre-game loadout to the weapons, items, and upgrades available throughout the levels.  Players are presented with many high risk, high reward decisions requiring a tactical approach and improvisation.

  • Synthetik offers a high-octane rogue-lite experience that’s jam-packed with variety. There are over 80 weapons, with each owning 17 variants and 21 attachments. 125 items, 11 difficulty modifiers,
    8 class specializations with tons of perks, modules and items. 

BERLIN, GERMANY – October 3, 2018 

Flow Fire Games just released a huge expansion for their retro-futuristic shooter rogue-lite game SYNTHETIK.

Legion Rising heavily upgrades the core game experience, adding class specializations, new brutal enemies and more. The expansion is the perfect point for newcomers to jump in and free for everyone who already owns the game.

Original Release date: March 15 2018

Legion Rising Release date: October 3 2018

Initial Platforms: Windows PC

Steam Page:

Twitter page:

Game page:


Media Kit: Screenshot / Media Kit Download

About us

Flow Fire Games is known for producing popular Unity & Unreal Engine software extensions,

used in games, videos and interactive 3D, like architectural and product visualizations. 


The Berlin based independent game development studio consists of Alexander Luck

and Eric Krutten and are now presenting their debut title SYNTHETIK.

Eric and Alex met in game development specialized college and decided

to found the company shortly after graduating in 2014. 

Twitter: @FlowFireGames


FlowFireGames UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Founding date: 28.04.2015

Address: Lotosweg 31, 13467, Berlin, Germany

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