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Welcome to SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising! We just released a free expansion which will upgrade your core game experience massively and will enable you to employ a greater variety of ruthless combat strategies. Expect to encounter new enemies, brutal boss fights, class specializations, new weapons and items, new music, many general improvements and five more supported languages!

Scroll down for the Patchnotes!


Each class is now split into two subclasses. While the perks of the class remain the same, expect more variety and gameplay customization. The subclasses each bring a distinct play style to the field and different Class Benefits. At best you just have a look yourself in the main menu!

New Specializations:

- Guardian: Riotguard

- Guardian: Breacher

- Rogue: Sniper

- Rogue: Assassin

- Commando: Raider

- Commando: Heavy Gunner

- Specialist: Engineer

- Specialist: Demolisher

The new classes have been going through something like 7 iterations and much effort and refinement has gone into their

new perks (48 total), giving them much stronger class identity and dynamics, but also a stronger progression throughout the game, so you might want to turn down difficulty a bit at the start!


All class levels have been reset, but only the levels! You keep your modules and class items.

Old levels and prestige is transferred to prestige for the closest new class.
You will gain 1 prestige for every prestige, + 1 prestige for every 25 levels (rounded).

Prestige now costs more data but no longer resets the modules (as both subclasses use the same modules) (Prestige also grants much nicer perks than before! And prestige is now network synced in coop for others to see)

Terror level and enemy reaction + spawn amount now slightly increases with class level, to keep the challenge intact with new class power. 1% terror level per subclass level up to 25. Other enemy modifiers are increased by half of that, up to 12.5% or 0.5% per level.


Many new weapons were added and we are introducing class starter weapons!

Riotguard, Breacher, Sniper, Heavy Gunner and Demolisher can start with a unique new weapon!


Weapon Mechanics changes:

Attachments no longer give a random stat upgrade

Weapons no longer have 3 upgrades per stat but 2

Weapon stat upgrades stronger in general (+- equal final result when fully upgraded)

Weapon upgrade stations now cost way more and upgrade way more, so 2 upgrades will max your weapon. This is done so upgrades feel more meaningful and require more planning. Also it makes it much easier to track what is going on in your weapon progression.

Weapons have new icons for upgrades done (attachments + shrine upgrades)

Firerate stat upgrade now also grants 5% cooling both times


Weapon magsize upgrades  are now internally properly increased, (so 1 shot weapons will get an additional shot after getting 5 times a 20% magsize increase per example, instead of incorrectly rounding down every time and starting from anew)



Weapons no longer require mastery level 10 for the 4th attachment slot

Unjamming now reduces current weapon heat by half

Burst changes:

Most Burst weapons more accurate or deal a bit more damage

Default burst fire delay from weapons from 0.3s to 0.25, also affects all semi auto

Hyper burst variant now increases burst delay but has very quick bursts

Burst variant now increases damage by 15% and reduces recoil by 30%


Ammo drop kill amount until guaranteed drop now modified by difficulty, this means on higher difficulty you can potentially have longer times of not getting ammo if unlucky, drop chance unchanged (1.5% stacking per kill)


New weapon passives:

KSG2000 has a new skin, no more ammo regen, magsize 12>16, new effect

ACR-X reworked to Medic ACR-X, new effect

Flak cannon now grants 40 armor even when in backpack and gains a bit more ammo

Kaida Laser Pistol now has 10% critchance same as the PTL, recoils is slower

Flamethrower now grants 50% fire resistance and 200 max health

Ballistic Crossbow now gains damage from headshot kills, not 5 headshots

Desert Eagle now also has the headshot kill damage stacking bonus

Mag47 Heavy MG now gains firerate per heat and fires 150% faster when overheating

Weapon Balance / Other changes:

Nemesis heat reduces slightly, making it better when magsize is larger than 1

Viciator Ultra is now Epic, no longer legendary, magsize 6>5, damage 1.75 > 1.4

Double barrel now displays 8 gauge ammo instead of 12 gauge which is more fitting

Double barrel is now less accurate when moving

Spectre firing sound improved

Replaced one old reload sound that has been used for a couple weapons

Tactical observer buffed

Object 29 upgrade perk requirement 50>75 kills, stat gain increased

Coil Shotgun is now of rare tier, supercharge chance from 5 > 7%, scales double for the first 25 charges

A9 Infinite Pistol recoil reduced and is extremely stable while moving

Chaos Launcher counts as SMG+Assault now also

Nailgun magsize 15 > 20, ammoregen 2.5 > 2

Object 29 damage increased slightly, recoil decreased, deviation increased

Sour DMR damage increased slightly

New shot sound for Super 90, Spas 12 uses Super 90 sound, Mini shorty uses Spas 12 sound to have a clear hierarchy in power, Spas 12


20+ New items have been added total!!

Including new class starter items, and items of all rarities!


Class items can now be found while playing in addition to the normal items

(maximum 1 per run, rarely 2, only in wood item crates)

We feel like many class items are working well but are not core enough to be picked over others,

and this change will effectively bring a good amount of new variation.

Varied items have been slightly buffed / changed or have new icons

Item tooltips have a fancy new power bar


You can now drop items to the ground by dragging outside your item bar

You can even share items in coop! (Class core items excluded)


Stay alert when exploring the Citadel of the Machine Legion. New enemies will heat

up the action, and there are new and improved boss fights waiting for you too.


Multiple new enemies have been added!

Varied enemies have been improved and the spawn tables have changed a bit.

Varied enemies also now use a radio chatter effect to signalize calldowns (spawns, mortar shots etc)


Sniper Turret bullet damage 600>700, now bounces!

Basic enemy ballistic bullet no longer has unit penetration

Enemies with calldowns now have a calldown popup and sound (Sniper mortar per example)

Sniper now has a delay before calling down the mortar

Crystal enemy now has a much better charge animation

Crystal mortar now has more delay and fires a bit slower

Phaser enemy now is more visible as intended and flashes when phased

Phaser can no longer use the alarm pole

Some enemies have new attack sounds

Explo Spider has a new model

Rocket Spider has a improved model

Disco Spider has a improved model


Multiple new Boss rooms have been added!​

Spider Boss Room improved, now moves faster if you try to outrange him

Jet Boss Room improved, movement slightly improved, new effects for his bullets

Heart Hack Room visually improved and floor tiles fixed

Hack Boss station has a new model



New Music tracks have been added!

The game now has around double the amount of different tracks

which will bring much more variation!



New Players now start with 200>500 Data

Artefact chance increased, Artefact requirement raised to 3  (about the same result)

Small map improvements & Opened chests are grayed out on the map now

Killing a Boss (Server Boss also) grants 1 second of invulnerability for new players until they know the bosses explode

Upgrade kits, rings, random items and keycards no longer drop from all enemies but from rank 1 or 2 enemies as their loot with higher chance - This is done so it will feel more deliberate and less random, other pickups and powerups are unchanged


Mystery reward no longer drops C4 and has new rare items

Mystery reward has a new fancy slot machine style animation


Critical chance cap increased from 40 to 50%

Reviving debuffs no longer stacks, gives max 1 curse so you can no longer get in a strong downwards spiral

Reviving now takes 20 > 30 seconds and fixed reviving while Boss fights


The new movement collision system is much more fluid

and really helps minimizing events where you face walls or objects and awkwardly stop, especially when dashing


Daily modules buffed - Now always grants more of the stronger empowered ones

Daily modules now have a 5% chance for one 200% boost

Third module slot is removed due to the classes adding so many strong effects and the main menu and ingame UI being overloaded. We felt that with 3 modules + core, it is extremely hard to pay attention to them and it often becomes meaningless

Modules have a higher chance to drop ingame however

Fixed plating max increase not working properly


Weapon mastery - reworked

Bits and pieces - reworked

Wicked - improved stun effect and added damage

Shielded - Max shield from 40 to 100

Berserk - Stack duration from 5 to 12

New Module - Recovery

New Module - Shadow Dance

Blood Borne - reworked

Die Hard - reworked



Items now have a new location on screen

Buffs have a new setting to be displayed on the top corner

Some things have been cleaned up a bit

Weapons in stash now don’t fully fade out so you still see their ammo if needed

Varied things have been polished a bit



The oil splats on kill and hits have been replaced with higher quality and resolution ones, which will look better on high damage, generally oil pools have been improved and look richer now.

Added some glimmer particles for certain explosions and headshots


We have also added 5 new languages!

- Added Italian

- Added Brazilian Portuguese

- Added Polish

- Added Spanish

- Added French


+And a lot of things other we forgot to write down!

Fixed a lot of issues, but some new will arrive

Known issues: Pressing RMB to drag triggers the class item

We hope you enjoy and tell your friends! 

- Eric, Alex & Karl

Played the Expansion?

Survey link Here:


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