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In Synthetik, while weapons are at the core of the experience, items are just as vital a part of your arsenal.

There are many different kinds of items waiting to be found during your mission in the Legion Headquarters.

These complement your class, perks, and weapon selection and each has their own unique effects and properties.

Items in Synthetik include flasks, grenades, traps, explosives, sentry bots,

heat seeking missiles, and much more! There are many strong weapon-item synergies

to be discovered throughout your run and we encourage you to experiment as much as you can.



Aside from the class starting loadout, items can be discovered through chests

scattered throughout the levels, or bought in shop terminals. As with weapons,

items exist in 4 rarities relating to their drop chance and power,

and are lost on mission failure for a fresh experience every run.


As we’ve discussed on the weapon page, upgrades and experimentation are

key characteristics of SYNTHETIK and this extends also to the items.

Each item has an Item Power, usually starting at 100%, which then can be

upgraded at “Pandora’s Box” - the item upgrade Shrine.
















Each upgrade grants 25% improved item power, up to a maximum of 300%,

but the cost for each upgrade increases incrementally.


The power level increases several properties such as:

  • Item active duration

  • Item cooldown speed

  • Item main effect trigger chance

  • Item rare bonus trigger chance


Depending on the item, often the damage, range, or other item effects can be increased!

Items sometimes come in variants, such as Superior, Cursed and Master Crafted,

granting them altered stats and higher starting Power.

The standout feature of the item power system is that you can set your own focus and make any item extremely powerful, if desired. You can build many strategies around them - choose to upgrade minimally, pour everything

into your favorite item, spread upgrades out evenly, or spend all of your credits elsewhere! The choice is yours.


Lastly, you can recycle any item at any time by dragging it into your recycling slot at the top of the item inventory.

Recycling destroys the item and grants a considerable amount of credits based on the item’s rarity and item power. This gives even more freedom and potential strategies.


Find something that doesn’t fit your loadout? Recycle and save towards something new.

Shy of 500 Credits to afford that crazy legendary weapon in the terminal shop, but you’ve nothing else to

loot on that level? You might want to recycle one of your dear items for that.


Here's a short selection of the many items available in-game;

Plasma Grenade - Throws a highly explosive fluid charge to the targeted area

Reverbing Blade - Commando Class Item, a short range melee strike, empowered by kills

Auto Taser - Guardian Class Item, fires a taser on weapon shots, stunning and dealing damage

Stinger Jet Glider - Summoned to fight on your side, has a reactive shield and syncronized fusion weapons

C4 Plastic Explosives - Place a C4 explosive charge which can be remotely detonated

Flare Gun - Fires a flare, lightening up the area, revealing invisible units and granting increased accuracy

Fire Prism - Weapon Shots have a chance to unleash a burst of high energy laser shots

LMG Sentry Turret - Place a stationary automatic turret, firing high powered bullets

Stay tuned for more!
You can read about the Weapon systems in the game here.
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