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In SYNTHETIK, we are taking the shooter genre to the next level, trying to create the deepest and most engaging gunplay possible - A system with a learning curve, rewarding mastery and experimentation. Sounds exciting? Read on to learn more:  

Synthetik introduces varied new mechanics and genre unseen weapon control.

Weapon accuracy is dependent on extremely responsive movement and recoil management.

Master the combination of stop-and-go movement and trigger control to fire accurately. We’ve also incorporated headshots, adding a whole new layer of control to the top-down perspective, rewarding good aim and a steady hand.


Weapons all around are fast and furious - there’s many on offer in SYNTHETIK, as you’ll soon see,

and you’ll need to adapt to survive. Don’t worry though - there’s plenty of ways to fight back!


In SYNTHETIK, we wanted to replicate the bad-ass feeling of operating a weapon (like a bolt-action rifle) manually. To accomplish this, we’ve introduced the new magazine ejection mechanic.

Your magazine can be ejected at any time by pressing “E” and can be subsequently reloaded with "R" 

It’s important to note - Ejecting a magazine allows switching ammo types and discards all remaining ammunition in the magazine. Therefore, smart ammunition management is a must - pre-emptively reloading may cost you bullets, but could be the deciding factor if a firefight goes to hell and you’ve no time or place to reload. Many perks and other effects also tie into the ejection process!

You also have the ability to active-reload the magazine  when you press the reload button again in perfect time with the reload bar. This not only installs the mag instantly, but grants additional damage for the next shots fired and benefits from varied perks and weapon variants.


Nearly all weapon types have access to multiple ammunition types, such as armor piercing, acid,

bleeding hollow point, stunning soft point bullets, and many more.  As an example, Rocket Launchers

can use homing, dumb-fire, or crosshair following target missiles.


Certain weapons come with special ammo, which they then unlock for all compatible weapons,

making for synergies and different outcomes depending on which weapons were found.


We feel that ammo types offer a lot of untapped potential that most games do not

take advantage off enough. We want to change that up with SYNTHETIK by making it

an important choice for players to consider and also being a visually pleasing element.

Ammo can be discovered in chests, from pickups, or are available as class benefits

and can be switched by pressing “CTRL” after ejecting a magazine.


Certain weapons, items, and perks generate heat upon usage. If you generate too much heat
at once and go over the critical threshold, the weapon will overheat, reducing your weapon’s firerate,
incapacitating your shield and causing direct damage. Heat reduces over time, so it’s important
to manage it correctly by pausing in between longer bursts or switching to an alternate weapon.


In Synthetik, weapons can occasionally jam, blocking the firing mechanism until you unjam the weapon.
This can be done by pressing the reload button multiple times in succession.
Jamming adds unpredictability and tension to your run, but can also be very rewarding;
unjamming also fully reloads the magazine without discarding any ammo. Unjamming quickly
not only feels great, but can also extend your combat uptime when done correctly.

SYNTHETIK offers a broad arsenal varied weapons.

Over 60 can be found, from realistic weaponry, such as

submachine guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers, to

energy rifles, chain lightning, even sawblade guns!


Weapons and items can be discovered through chests

and are divided into 3 rarities: Blue (common), Purple (Rare),

and Red (Legendary).


With the weaponry, our aim (no pun intended) is to

make each weapon feel great and have purpose.

There are no bad weapons but there can be bad variants.


Each class has a special bonus when using the

corresponding class weapon type and can also pick and choose

from several starting pistols specific to that class.


In co-op mode, you can also trade weapons with your partner.

Be careful though - friendly fire is on, so trading bullets

is really ill-advised!



All weapons discovered in SYNTHETIK come in one of 20 possible variants each time they are found.
Each slightly or heavily alters weapon stats or adds special effects.
Taiga Hunter - Slow firing, low magazine size, high accuracy and damage
Printing - Weaker performance, higher heat, prints ammo straight to the mag
Heavy - Slower movement, improved recoil control and larger magazine
Cursed - Drastically changed stats, very high damage and chance on self damage
Overclocked - High firerate, increased heat production and cooling
Alpha - Ejecting the magazine quickly cools down weapon heat and changes varied stats
Variants make each weapon feel different every time it is discovered, and add a lot of fun and depth to the game. Think of all the damage you can do with an infinite ammo MG42 or an incredibly accurate shotgun!


Weapons in can be upgraded like in many ways. Each of the base stats can be upgraded 3 times
and you can find          upgrade kits , allowing you to build one weapon attachment out of a selection of 3,
from a pool of 20+ attachments. Each weapon has 4 possible free slots.
Ammo Teleporter - Grants a chance to not consume ammunition when firing.
Twin Link - Chance to fire a spread of two bullets at no extra ammo cost
Hotswap - Allows switching ammo types at any time and increases heat and reload speed
Power link 4+4 Pin - Grants a random positive status effect upon successful active reload
Hair Trigger - Converts the weapon to semi automatic if full auto, or full auto if burst fire or semi automatic
Each upgrade kit use also grants a slight damage bonus, thus even giving weaker weapon combinations a chance to shine. Upgrade your starting pistol; keep all the upgrade kits for a higher rarity weapon; or even recycle your kits for credits - the choice is yours!
And these are only the weapon mechanics! Stay tuned for more!
You can read about the items in the game here!
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