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Particle Cannon


12.0 Changes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Military Floor enabled!

New Enemy - Orange Guard Marksman

New Enemy - Orange Guard Defender

New Enemy - Orange Guard Ion Trooper (Soon Plasma Trooper)

Both Flamethrower Enemies buffed


(Patching some improvements on the first day!)

New Bossfight - Red Guard Trio

New Bossfight - Hack Defense Event

(New Bossfight - Chopper - Coming around next day in an Update)

New Final Bossfight - The Heart  (Getting some fixes in the next hours, Coop may be broken)


Increased ammo pickup chance 1.3 > 1.45 per kill

Increased weapon chest chance

Weapon pickup UI improved

Now a 66% chance to find a weapon in first room instead of 33%

FMG9 magsize 20 > 24

FMG9 ammo gain 60 > 80

AMD65 ammo gain 60 > 80

BFR ammo gain 75 > 84

ACR ammo gain 80 > 90

Nailgun ammo gain 10 > 14

Spectre ammo gain 70 > 85

LSMG ammo gain 50 > 65

Enf Carbine ammo gain 75 > 85

Sour DMG ammo gain 30 > 36

P33 spare ammo 250 > 220

P33 first shot bonus 1.75 > 1.5x

9mm ammo base damage 230 > 220

Coil pistol max ammo 60 > 76 and 5% dmg increase

Road Warrior damage increased


Removed Restart button that restarts the full game

Game exit no longer goes to launcher

Main Menu button is far faster now finally

Exp, Ammo Regen and Tempo powerup need to be unlocked by research
so its better explained and less confusing at the start

Fixed general log showing without research

Replaced Shotgun Item sound

Fixed crash when looking at curse debuff tooltip

Added Reset Bindings Button in Settings menu

Global chat dosnt have any sound while ingame (button coming soon)

Added "Pick one" text to attachment / stat upgrade selection

Added ammo tooltip to weapon stat menu

Player drone no longer fires without the drone mod perk
(feels inconsistent and hard to see and triggers items..) more drone features somewhen


Improved colors of generic props to blend in better

Iteration for the Rocket Silo Floor (2) in terms of props! Looks better now.


Fixed and changed weapon and item drops -
found items take far longer until they can be found again!
 So less the same.

Boss Health scaling reworked (Still needs tweaks most likely)

Increased duration of powerups but reduced drop chance

Stun grenade effect reduced (now scales half with difficulty instead of full)

Smoke grenade accuracy reduction no longer scales with Power

Increased spawns of the first 2 rooms slightly

Decreased spawns of Silo Floor (2) slightly

Fixed Multiplayer Ghosting enemy bug

Fixed varies issues

Improved multiplayer performance





SYNTHETIK is a unforgiving shooter with classic RPG and Rogue elements in a world overrun by machines.
Fight as android though the headquarters of the machine legion and avert the end of mankind.
Can you reach the highest floor of the first Citadel and destroy the Heart of Armageddon ?...

Game page:

Company page:

Greenlight page:

Indiedb page:

Media Kit: Screenshot/Media Kit Download


2 man studio from Berlin, FlowFire Games, announces SYNTHETIK,

an unforgiving shooter with classic RPG and rogue elements for PC (& Consoles).

In Synthetik, you play as android, half human half machine, and face the robotic machine legion

in attempt to liberate humanity and avert the activation of the Heart of Armageddon.

You fight through ever changing floors of the Citadel, headquarters and ground zero of the

rebellion, find powerful items and weapons while trying to prepare yourself for the final encounter.

SYNTHETIK is all about gameplay and creating a unique experience every attempt. Levels and encounters are a mixture of randomized and hand crafted, offering continuously new challenges and unique interactions.

Mechanics and interactions are built around depth and edge cases contrary to the recent trend of streamlining and averaging your experience. bjects may malfunction or have unforeseen effects mixed with friendly fire for both sides ensures things can go very right or backfire horribly.


The game underlies various roleplay conventions, you can dodge anything, chance plays a role and you can skew statistics in your favor.The result is a game that even surprises us with unforeseen interactions and dynamics, which is as harsh and demanding as it is rewarding. (Text WIP)

Synthetik brings weapon handling to a new level with manual ejecting before reloading, varied ammo types with ammo switching, weapons can jam, use uniquely modeled targeting (which even allows headshots in 2D space), can active reload and require heat management.

While being demanding with many skills to master, the game is greatly rewarding mastery and skillful play with success. 

Mechanics and interactions are built around depth and edge cases contrary to the recent trend of streamlining and averaging your experience. Objects may malfunction or have unforeseen effects, mixed with friendly fire for both sides ensures things can go very right or backfire horribly.

With environments changing every play through and powerful boss fights, the game offers constantly new challenges while giving the player means to experiment and express his own playstyle with many varied findable items as well as multiple classes that differ with dozens of gameplay altering perks and bonuses.
Two players can join forces in online coop and the game offers many unique difficulty modifiers to further elevate the risk and reward and dig into even deeper mechanics.


◇ Everything is very powerful & dangerous and will tear you to shreds! 

◇ Fight relentless bosses and face high stakes with permanent death

◇ Environments change their layout every new attempt  

◇ Next level gunplay with Ejecting, Active reload, Jamming, Heat & Discarding Ammo

◇ Intense and genre unseen weapon handling with pixel perfect mouse controls

◇ Find and upgrade many powerful items and make your own builds

◇ Tons of weapons with each having 15+ possible variants and attachments!

◇ Various ammo types for each weapon, even for rockets!

◇ Multiple classes with many perks to unlock - Coordinate with your partner in online coop!

◇ Scalable difficulty and tons of upgrades and choices to make! Play your way!

Release date: Q4 2017 / Q1 2018

Platforms: Windows PC/Mac + TBA 

(Not yet purchasable on: Steam,,TBA)

Gameplay Trailer (outdated)

To do

Footage kit

About us

Flow Fire Games is known for producing popular Unity & Unreal Engine software extensions,

used in games, videos and interactive 3D, like architectural and product visualizations. 


The Berlin based independent game development studio consists of Alexander Luck

and Eric Krutten and are now presenting their debut title SYNTHETIK.

Eric and Alex met in game development specialized college and decided

to found the company shortly after graduating in 2014. 



Twitter: @FlowFireGames


FlowFireGames UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Founding date: 28.04.2015

Address: Lotosweg 31, 13467, Berlin, Germany

to do:

controller support

refer a friend

double ready lobby



& defense / chrono stuck

Sniper / defense not reacting on shots

improve teleport

turrets not turning


With Alex

Item team - battery etc

list icon crash wep menu#

check all questsTank collision size

heavy resistance spawns

Nice to have:

missile bot perpendicular

enemy draw exit

levelup bar

Items UI Player 2

Item drop player

Teleporter sprite 

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