In development
Beta coming soon!
23 March 2017: Quick Headsup:
We made incredible progress in nearly every area in
the last months, just to give a glimpse of what is to come:
- New: Online COOP!
- New: Classes
- New: Upgrade station (15! Weapon Attachments)
- New: Heat Mechanic
- Tanks and varied other non humanoid enemies
- Made all items more special + many new items
- Strongly improved Aesthetics of the Game
- Many new graphical effects and sounds
- New UI + many usability Improvements
- More varied levels + Arena Challenge mode
- Metric tons of other changes..
 Website is outdated, will be updated in the near future 

SYNTHETIK is an unforgiving dungeon crawler in a world overrun by machines.
Fight as android though the headquarters of the machine legion and avert the end of mankind.
Can you reach the highest floor of the first Citadel and destroy the Heart of Armageddon ?...

High Power, High Stakes  

Everything is very powerful & dangerous and will tear you to shreds. Fight the relentless firepower of the Machine Legion and face high stakes with permanent death.

Synthetik is as unforgiving as it is rewarding.

Ever Changing 

Synthetik is all about the details and small stories. Objects have small chances of something unusual happening, things can fail or grant additional gain. Face different challenges every futile attempt as the Citadel will change its loot, layout and defenses. 

Advanced Weaponry 

Find many powerful upgradeable weapons with 10+ variants

and 3+ ammo types each! Master the movement based recoil, skillfully eject, active reload and realistically discard ammo while abusing the pixel perfect mouse controls. 

Variable Power 

Upgrade your android systems with one of the many augments which are to be acquired, change stats and obtain many varied items. Each item, even potions can be leveled, increasing it's power and allowing vastly different strategies depending on choice. 

Relentless Opposition 

Defeat varied machines and harsh bosses in the legion headquarters, coming in different ranks and stronger forms. Keeping aware of your surroundings is important, as the enemy forces will defend their positions, conduct sweeping searches, patrol or call for reinforcements.

Play your way! 

Inprove your Lab, modificate items, weapons and memory modules on the research stations, unlock new technology or redeem found security codes. Use the many tools to experiment and develop your own builds and playstyles in order to reach the Heart of Armageddon.


 ::The Rundown:: 

◇ Everything is very powerful & dangerous and will tear you to shreds! 

◇ Fight relentless bosses and face high stakes with permanent death

◇ Environments change their layout every new attempt  

◇ Random encounters, things can malfunction or gain surprising effects

◇ Find and level powerful items, the power of each item is defined by choice!

◇ Next level gunplay with Eject, Active reload & Discarding Ammo

◇ Intense, movement based recoil with pixel perfect mouse controls

◇ Tons of weapons with each weapon having 10+ variants

◇ Various ammo types for each weapon, even for rockets!

◇ Both sides have Full Friendly Fire, things get very messy

◇ Offline-Rendered art with permanent destruction and unlocked fps

◇ Many upgrades, attributes and systems to experiment with! Play your way!


 Fight the machine legion, relentless bosses and face high stakes with permanent death

 Environments change their layout every new attempt - be prepared!  

 Next level gunplay with Ejecting, Active reload, Jamming, Heat & Switchable Ammo

 Unseen weapon handling with genre first 3D headshots and deep mastery of movement & recoil 

 Insane arsenal with nearly 100 weapons, each having 20+ possible variants and 20+ attachments!

 Find and upgrade over 100 powerful ability Items and make your totally own builds!

Coordinate with a partner in online coop and try 8 classes with a insanity of choices!

Modular difficulty, tons of upgrades and hard choices to make! Play your way!


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Synthetik is mainly made by only 2 people from Berlin, and we are really happy about every input or shoutout

you can give us! With your help, we can fully focus on making the game the best it can be!

Thanks for stopping by - Eric & Alex

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