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      R O A D M A P   &   U P D A T E   L O G      



- Class Challenges

- Steam Cards, Badges, Backgrounds

- New Bossfight?



- Secret!


- Controller improvements

- New items and weapons

- ???

Console - Early 2019

- Local Coop

- ???

The bigger the playerbase, the more we can work on content and features, help us spread the word!

Remember to voice your suggestions!


 Update 14+ UPDATE LOGS - CLICK ME! 

 Update 13       


Friendly fire is now 50% instead of 100% (this applies also to self-damage!)

Add friendly fire notification to offending player.

Ammo chests are no longer usable by both players, to ensure consistency.

Changed the “room with closed doors” to now be constantly open.

Server hack boss spawn amount has been slightly reduced.

Timed chests now last longer, depending on difficulty.

Floor 2 enemy spawn frequency reduced.

Floor 4 enemy spawn frequency increased.

Laser Turrets damage increased.

Add Player Death Explosion and dissolve effect.

Commando Core now grants 2 Strafe charges.

Rogue healing gain reduced.

Added acceleration to gamepads, more coming in the next days



Buffed 8.8mm Bullets baseline damage from 280 to 300 (DMRS, Heavy MG, etc.)

Nailgun Nails damaged reduced from 200 to 190.

Default Fusion ammo no longer penetrates.

Kaida Laser Pistol recoil has been slightly reduced.

KSG2000 damage buffed by 5%.

New sound effect for AMD 65 and changed ammo to 8.8mm. Damage and recoil are also increased.

Dragon’s Breath shotgun ammo damage modifier from 0.8x to 0.92x of basic Buckshot

Buffed Ion Obliterator damage by around 10%.

Minor increase to weapon pickup distance.

Weapon experience requirement increased.

New model for the P33 pistol. Increased accuracy when moving.

New model for the Coil Pistol.

New Starter Weapons!

New Guardian pistol - Master Chief

New Commando pistol - Desert Eagle .50

New Rogue pistol - G17 Undercover

New Specialist pistol - PPQ-H Laser Pistol



Added 5% additional damage tooltip in the attachment selection.

Added a 2 stage savegame back-up. If you lose your progress, check out the backup.ini in %appdata%.

Fixed lab level showing the wrong total level.

Reduced camera shake / visual recoil option further reduces shake.

You can now see daily perk rank ups in the loadout.

E and R cursor prompt now shows the first letter of custom binding that it has been reassigned to.

Added indicator to the pause menu showing collectible progress such as Bolts and Heart cores.

The setting "High quality lighting" now disables lights when turned off



Data changed - Quests and Shrines now grant 4 data (increased from 2).

Data changed - Clearing a room now grants 2 data.

Data changed - Daily login now grants 25 * time data (increased from 12)

It is intended that you play around 3 - 4 runs to buy a 200 data item, tell us if this differs too much.



Added tooltips to all items, showing which stats are altered at upgrade shrines.

Heart Core now grants double health per stack and heals fully upon usage.

Homing Missile item now shoots two missiles.

Increased Gundrone Spawner item chance from 7 to 10%.

Reduced Seeker item chance from 35 to 25%.

Akira explosions now scale with power and starts with one more explosion.

Ring of Glass charges required reduced from 1000 to 750.

Shield Splash item now has a duration where it continuously splashes. It now has a longer cooldown.

Item upgrades scale less extremely in some cases.


Optimized certain objects

Fixes a stuttering issue caused by idle particles

Disabled global chat and lobby in coop, decreasing stuttering

Merged some texture pages which should improve general performance



Fixed varied crashes and bugs

Fixed Arena & Defense boss not dying

Fixed/Improved pickups spawning on unreachable areas

Fixed grenade exploit

Fixed Jet Glider shooting outfight

 Update 12.3       


Overdose no longer heals double than intended, can no longer kill you, now deals 15% max hp instead of 100 hp

Auto 9-45 slightly less accurate while moving (0.5 > 0.65 moving multiplier) (1 is average)

Infinite Repeater more accurate while moving (0.8 > 0.5 moving multiplier)

Buffed Laser pistol damage by 6%

Increased weapon drop budget early game and weapon chest chance

Nerfed Arena Master sniper damage

Buffed Dragons Masterkey and Shotgun System significantly

Fixed refractor crystal item being ignored by explosions and increased damage by 50%

Fixed Smoke grenade accuracy decreasing

Improved Defense Boss Fight slightly

Fixes / Improvements

Fixed damage absorb showing incorrectly

Chat can now be seen in pause menu

Fixed varied rare issues with damage calculation such as with explosions

Made weapon stash icons visible by default for new players

The Headshot Popup is shown for first 5>25 headshots

Fixed class benefit appearing for level 25

Fixed double cursor while jamming

Fixed accuracy displaying incorrectly in character screen and overwriting healing stat

Fixed varied other issues

Fixed Boss 3 Crashes

Changed engine sleep time from 25 ms to 5 ms which makes things smoother on better machines

Resolved one Port Forwarding bug, resolving port forwarding not working correctly in some cases

 Day 2 Update       

Day 2 Update --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Burning damage cap raised from 250 to 350, duration cap reduced from 10 to 5

C4 buffed and crash fixed - now triggers a triple explosion instead of single

Arena Trio and Defense Boss Fight now have Boss HP Bar

New Servermessage in main menu

Added Reload Bar at cursor (WIP)

New Settings: Unstuck

Logmenu / Map can now be opened while dead

Added Lock icon for Coop lobbies and a bit of UI polish

Buffed Mag47 Heavy LMG damage, cooling, nerfed deviation a bit

Buffed both Revolvers damage


Fixed Game Freezing when killing an alarm o bot in coop

Fixed Cell replacer not healing Player 2

Fixed global chat sound playing when disabled

Class Core can no longer be clicked for replacement

Power Array item Blue flash reduced

Fixed point defense event spawning if nobody in range

Fixed Crash when using item like upgrade kit in upgrade station

Fixed Spidertruck crash

Fixed C4 Crash

Fixed Healing Drone crash hopefully

Fixed Enemies throwing grenades while stunned

Fixed ammo popup coming in pausemenu with CTRL

Fixed Headhunter crash

Fixed (maybe) Healing drone crash

Fixed Chat sound playing ingame when disabled

Removed Story intro for the moment to see if it prevents players starting

Removed something that may have caused input lag for some users (let us know)

 RELEASE UPDATE #12!       

15.03.2018 Changes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Military Floor enabled!

New Enemy - Orange Guard Marksman

New Enemy - Orange Guard Defender

New Enemy - Orange Guard Ion Trooper (Soon Plasma Trooper)

Both Flamethrower Enemies buffed


(Patching some improvements on the first day!)

New Bossfight - Red Guard Arena Masters

New Bossfight - Hack Defense Event

New Final Bossfight - The Heart  (Getting some fixes in the next hours, Coop may be broken)

Another Bossfight will be finalized in the coming days!


Increased ammo pickup chance 1.3 > 1.45 per kill

Increased weapon chest chance

Weapon pickup UI improved

Now a 66% chance to find a weapon in first room instead of 33%

FMG9 magsize 20 > 24

FMG9 ammo gain 60 > 80

AMD65 ammo gain 60 > 80

BFR ammo gain 75 > 84

ACR ammo gain 80 > 90

Nailgun ammo gain 10 > 14

Spectre ammo gain 70 > 85

LSMG ammo gain 50 > 65

Enf Carbine ammo gain 75 > 85

Sour DMG ammo gain 30 > 36

P33 spare ammo 250 > 220

P33 first shot bonus 1.75 > 1.5x

9mm ammo base damage 230 > 220

Coil pistol max ammo 60 > 76 and 5% dmg increase

Road Warrior damage increased


Removed Restart button that restarts the full game

Data now saves every room

Game exit no longer goes to launcher

Main Menu button is far faster now finally

Exp, Ammo Regen and Tempo powerup need to be unlocked by research
so its better explained and less confusing at the start

Fixed general log showing without research

Replaced Shotgun Item sound

Fixed crash when looking at curse debuff tooltip

Added Reset Bindings Button in Settings menu

Global chat dosnt have any sound while ingame (button coming soon)

Added "Pick one" text to attachment / stat upgrade selection

Added ammo tooltip to weapon stat menu

Player drone no longer fires without the drone mod perk
(feels inconsistent and hard to see and triggers items..) more drone features somewhen

Controller Support improvements (Still not done, making changes today still)


Improved colors of generic props to blend in better

Iteration for the Rocket Silo Floor (2) in terms of props! Looks better now.


Fixed and changed weapon and item drops -
found items take far longer until they can be found again!
 So less the same.

Boss Health scaling reworked (Still needs tweaks most likely)

Increased duration of powerups but reduced drop chance

Stun grenade effect reduced (now scales half with difficulty instead of full)

Smoke grenade accuracy reduction no longer scales with Power

Increased spawns of the first 2 rooms slightly

Decreased spawns of Silo Floor (2) slightly

Fixed Multiplayer Ghosting enemy bug

Fixed varied issues

Improved multiplayer performance

Known issues:

We'll fix some bugs with the Final Boss in the next hours and add some changes to the other new ones

Controller support will see improvements the day too


Day 1 Update


Made questlogs more noticeable

Made ammo type counter visible even if only having one ammo to be more clear

Improved Escape Settings menu visuals

New - Hide Global Chat Button

New Setting - Reset Progress

New Setting - Low Gpu Setting - Disables surfaces with AO and Decals

(Can maybe help weak Laptops already, one more change to come - check if your FPS improves or not)

We are still trying to find a potential bottleneck on weak machines 


Mystery shrine purchase 500 > 350 CR

Curse of the Partisan changed

Exiting a teleporter grants invincibility for 6 seconds

Dashing no longer is affected by slows!

Boss Health Increased slightly, Spiderboss Health increased 10%


Fixed Hack quests going infinitely

Improved networking performance of Missiles

Fixed ghost multiplayer lobbies

Fixed Stats missing in death screen

Fixed Lobby not reacting?

 Gameplay Update #11   

27.02.2018 - The Fire Update!

The Multiplayer Beta starts in the next days, be prepared!

We finally got around finishing the fire effects,

New stuff to play with:

New Weapon - Makeshift Firecannon (Common)

New Weapon - Flamethrower (Epic)

New Enemy - Flamethrower Drone

Heavy Flamer enemy now works properly

New Item - Orb of Fire (Epic)

New Item - Flare Gun (Guardian Starter Item)

New Item - Plasma Grenade (Common Item)

(Non Fire)

New Weapon - Human Model 9800K (Common)

New Weapon - KSG 2000 (Epic)


New Floor - Ballistic Silos

Generators (Green) Depot Pipes (Blue) and Kaida Military Training (Orange) are now all cycling for the first Floor!

2x Training, 2x Pipes, 1x Training, 2x Electro - Repeat

We wanted to have maximum variation for the first Floor as that one will be played the most by far. 

One Floor always consists of 3-4 Rooms until the next one appears after a Boss Fight - More Bosses in progress.

New Floor 2 Tileset - Ballistic Silos (WIP)

Large missile silos and missile pieces on a light blue theme. Floor 2 enemies unchanged. 

Reworked Death Screen

Items and perks you obtained are now shown

Score system reworked

Controller Support & Settings Rework

The first iteration, try it out. Still work in progress.

You can now rebind Keyboard controls 

Ejection & Reloading

"Haste" Difficulty modifier now has the new perfect active reload added,

(shorter additional reload strip, giving higher bonuses)

Perks with active reload boni now grant stronger boni if perfect active reload has been hit

Vastly improved active reload randomization on haste

New manual ejection difficulty modifer, allowing to automatically eject at empty magazine if you really need that

The Ammo Rework

Ammo no longer is defined by classes

Certain weapons now carry special ammo and unlock that ammo type for all compatible weapons:

We want to make ammo more meaningful and taken less "for granted" while making weapons

feel more unique and allow cool synergies

AM65 / MG42 - Now unlocks Bleeding Ammo

Spectre / Tactical Observer - Stun Ammo

Sour DMR / RPK12 - Acid Ammo

Road Warrior / Viciator Ultra - Bolt Ammo

Eraser DMR - Burning Laser Ammo

RPG-7 / M32 - Explosive ammo

Spas 12 - Shotgun Dragons Breath

KSG 2000 (WIP) - Shotgun Slugs

Chaos Launcher - Chaos ammo

MG5 - Slowing Fusion Ammo (New)

(Birdshot ammo removed for the moment)

Now ammo types are more rare but also more worthwhile and those weapons have another reason

to be picked up, making for new dynamics, synergies and depth.

Most ammo types are stronger now

Added varied missing ammo UI images

Future Plan: Finding the same ammo type again will upgrade it


Weapons now require mastery level 10 for the third attachment slot only

Starting weapons level much slower to be around equal

Weapons now start with 75% of ammo capacity instead of 100%

Weapons now gain slightly randomized amounts of ammo (from 80% to 120%) 

Ejection is no longer a weapon stat upgrade, Reload upgrades now improve ejection in addition

Most weapon stat upgrades now give a bit more 

Ejecting a full magazine no longer grants access to active reload

Weapon Passive boni now grant full effect while the weapon is only in backpack but not currently held!

(Per example Spectre grants 7% Dodge chance when in inventory regardless of currently used)

Fixed a bug where reflector attachment caused half damage 

Fixed a bug where reverbing blade caused kill based effects not to work

Fixed Crossbow damage bonus not stacking after the first one 


You now start with 3 Perks again

Perks with active reload boni now grant stronger boni if the new perfect active reload has been hit!

Inner fire (Specialist) reworked

Chromatic Alloy (Specialist) reworked

Warm-up (Guardian) reworked

I-Frame (Guardian) reworked

Press the Attack (Commando) reworked

Fixed Dexterity slowing movement

Guardian Core - Grants double stacks in boss rooms on damage taken

New Specialist Perk - Focus 

Commando now can start with the HE Grenade

Outfight Movement

Running while being not in-fight now grants a small speed bonus

Having the Room cleared now grants longer dash and more speed for convenience


Stat boosts now have a selection of 3

Medi crates now grant vial power, double at the first pickup

Armor can not absorb more than 65% of the total damage now same as the other resistances

Reworked enemy sniper mines to remove shields and give a shield debuff

Improved Design of the Perk and Buff bar

Stun, Poison and Fire now have a visual effect on player and enemy models

Improved collisions of many objects

Improved color palette

Many other smaller changes

11.01 Fixes: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fixed Boss having too much HP

Added more ammo to boss rooms and get double ammo in boss rooms

Fixed all known crashes 

11.1 Changes: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Increased ammo gain by around 15%

Weapons start with full ammo instead of 75% again

Ammo crates can be opened by both players now (for testing)

Health of Floor 2 enemies reduced, Floor 3 slightly reduced

Fixed some smaller things

Fixed writing M & T opening menus when chatting 

Fixed Setting: Show FPS not saving

Fixed Control Settings not saving

Fixed Settings: Cheats level requirement works

Fixed Chat text order

Markers (T) now show arrows with directions

When Player 2 is off screen, a arrow is shown

Ball Defender has a bit more shield and hp

Added wall in one room so you dont spawn in turret range

Weapons buffed:

Buffed a couple weapons slightly 

Buffed shotgun buckshot slightly

Buffed ML7000 Missile Laucher damage

Tactical Observer - Far more accurate, shoots slower, 5% more dmg, grants firerate over time instead of accuracy

Commando Revolver last shot damage increased 50% > 100%

Buffed Specialist Laser Pistol slightly

Items buffed:

Commando Knife damage per stack increased 50>100

Buffed Shieldburst item by flat 100 damage

Hyperfeed now continually reduces heat while active

Refractor crystal improved effect and deals 200 base damage and damage scales with power

C4 click hitbox increased

Attachments buffed:

HP Laser - now also reduces deviation 

Multiplier - 20>30% chance for double ammo 

Offload Cycler Ultra - 35 > 45% more firerate - increases heat by 10% 

Backup - Spare ammo bonus 25% > 35%

Fixed magsize upgrades overwriting magsize attachments (same for max ammo)

Known issues:

Perk icons can somehow switch around and be totally incorrect

Boss music being played multiple times?

Certain rare enemy crashes

Quests don't give rewards if one player dead

Existing players need to rebind their [W] Key

11.2 Changes: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fixed certain crashes

Poison bullets no longer apply poison when shields are up

1 more guaranteed item and weapon in coop

Fixed Teleporter Room change Shrine not appearing 

Fixed Shrines spawning incorrectly

Fixed Chats not working

Removed numpad hotkeys restarting the game

Enabled Steam Screenshot Functionality (F12)

Vial changes

Vials are no longer a item category! All starting items are interchangeable.

We want to differenciate classes more and get away from this "everyone has a vial" concept,

giving more options and ways to play

Healing vial now starts with 4 charges but does not gain any new and is recycled at zero.

Fixed Field Supply not working and added new ammo pack model

Good for new players. Chaos vial removed, will later be able to drop 

Item changes

Fixed starting items not profiting from power token out of the item menu

Dragon's Masterkey cooldown reduced 25>20 seconds

Psy Field now scales and deals 20>30 damage per tick

Turrets upgrade health scaling reduced 

11.3 Changes: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Floor 2 Enemies have slightly less health

Added cover to Jet Boss Room

Boss base health slightly reduced

Fixed varied crashes

Power token now affects starter items by half

Fixed [O] Button hiding props

Added Ammo Tooltips for the special ammo types when hovering over the ammo UI

Weapon changes

Weapons can not jam when perfect actively reloaded

RPG-7 explosions now have triple big explosions

Auto 9-45 changed, just try it

Buffed Object 29 damage and shots for a missile is now 6

Vector and Firecannon Model improved

Nailgun damage increased 150 > 200 but damage falloff doubled (buff) and +2 magsize


New Item - M26 MASS (Common)

C4 Explosives now recharge like the Steel Trap

Reduced Flare Gun brightness

Healing vial tooltip updated and now heals double on last charge

Cell Replacer changed, was way too strong and rogue should be less heal focussed


Core now grants 30% increased healing, 20% Luck, 10% dodge and 15% more Headshot Damage

(removed RMB damage bonus, removed -5% base dmg malus)

Added "Item" (For testing) - Spawn with heavy crossbow


Core now grants resistance to stuns and reduced movement inaccuracy (Damage penalty has always been there)

Methadone and Field supply now gain charges every room


Core ranks ups now don't increase in exp requirement but effect changed

Core now grants 40% increased ammo gain and Faster dash cooldown

Commando now properly gets a discount at weapon upgrade stations


Added "Item" (For testing) - Spawn with M79 Grenade Launcher
(Core will be looked at in the near future)

11.4 Changes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Changed curses from chests

Reduced jet speed slightly

Multiplayer credits gained from 65% of Singleplayer to 75% (Keep in mind MP has more enemies)

Floor 2 now only has 3 rooms instead of potential 4 to not drag out too much

Added sound to chat mesages

Flare gun effect now scales with item power

New Item - Smoke Grenade (Rogue class)

Methadone lasts 2 seconds longer

Chests now have more spawn locations (fixed using the same every time)

Improved networking performance

Slightly reduced spawn amount in Floor 2

Switched out Jet with Spider boss position (more bosses in next update)

Fixed / Improved some ammo tooltips

Slightly improved tutorial

Varied Fixes


Rank 1/2 enemies now deal 15%/30% more damage and have slightly more health

Increased amount of Rank 1/2 enemies overall later into the game

Birdshot deals more damage on non shielded enemies now than buckshot but nearly none on shields

Slight improvements to Crystal floor 

Item and weapon database is unlocked at level 2 now

Fixed Perk kit granting perks that do not exist

Mystery boosts are now displayed aside the start button

Assassin enemies health reduced

Jet boss fight polish

New Powerup Pickup - 2X Exp & Credits Boost


Bullet based Items damage now scale with the item power (33% of item power) 

(Seekers, Hyper Blade, Bloodbolt, Powerbolt, Taser, Fire Prism, Masterkey..)

Item trigger chances now scale at 50% with Item Power

Seeker item fires more seekers

Turrets, Phaser, Stinger Jet Glider, Drone Spawner now have a chance spawning in Rank 1 & Rank 2 but less health and more armor per upgrade


New Weapon - AUTO-9/45 (Starting weapon, unlocked with a code by completing the new survey)

New Weapon - R3 Boltcaster (Common Auto Crossbow)

New Weapon - Kaida ACR-X (Common Assault Rifle)

New Weapon - Human RPG-7 (Common Launcher)

Object 29 now also counts as Specialist class weapon

Tactical Observer new model

Eraser DMR fires a bit faster and gains heat reduction when picking up energy

All weapons with stacking mechanics now show a number at the bottom of the weapon menu if over 0 stacks

Stat Boosts

Stat boost now offer a choice instead of being random 


For testing, you now start with 2 perks. Perk kits are now more common from bosses

Perk kits removed from quest and replaced with upgrade kits.

We felt like 3 + 1 perks were too much to have oversight on from the start, but tell us what you think.

We will add a better way of displaying perks ingame soon so theyre more noticeable


Bits and pieces now also grants armor

New Perk - Weapon Drop


Die Hard self damage halved

Rogue Core now grants damage on effect not accuracy anymore

DMR Conversion reworked

New Perk - Power Tuning

New Perk - Freeze!

New Perk - Weapon Drop


PackAPunch now grants 1 additional upgrade

Well oiled now has a chance to reset item cooldowns and charges faster

New Perk - Hold breath

New Perk - Weapon Drop


Drone now shoots incendiary laser ammo

New Perk - Force Unleashed

New Perk - Weapon Drop

Cleaning Up

This is reducing visual clutter on screen and makes the game more readable and clean

Reduced duration of damage text popups

Reduced duration of all popups by 25%

Reduced duration of "Dodged!" etc combat popups by a lot

Changed center screen notifications to top screen notifications (like 'Military Floor' etc)

Allied units now have a green health bar and health bars have a shadow

New - You can now read about any past popups in the TAB logs!

Cleaned up main menu & Loadout screen


Fixed many crashes and bugs! 

The next update will also focus on stability.

Older Patchnotes (Google Doc)

Update 9 was too big for the Page so it is here

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