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SYNTHETIK is an unforgiving tactical shooter-roguelite in a world overrun by machines.
Fight as android through the headquarters of the Machine Legion and avert the end of mankind.
Can you reach the highest floor of the Citadel and destroy the Heart of Armageddon?



Live, die and learn to overcome

ever-changing encounters.

The  Citadel changes its layout every new attempt! 


Fight brutal Bosses and the best

the relentless machine legion has

to offer.

You have one life. Make it count.

G A M E    F E A T U R E S :




Synthetik brings unseen depth and control to weapon handling

Now with Weapon Modding!

Join Discord for mods!


Many dozens of Items want to be found. From Turrets, Psy Fields, dangerous substances, Mind Control, Laser Arrays to summoned Units, everything can be upgraded up

to 300%.You set your priorities.


Synthetik is all about mastery and

experimentation. Level 8 entire classes with many dozens of unique Perks and new abilities. Upgrade or recycle everything you find.

Research new tech and mechanics.

There are many paths to take

and everything can work!



Play online with a friend or stranger!

Settle for risks and rewards while coordinating your tactics and loadouts!

You can even share perks with your

coop partner. 



Synthetik offers varied unique difficulty modifiers which can be independently combined for a tailored experience.

Ready for even deeper mechanics and higher rewards or keeping it low? Your call.

G E T   I T   H E R E :

N E W S   &   G O O D I E S

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- Eric & Alex

Flow Fire

Games UG

Berlin, Germany

Eric Alex. Krutten

Game Design


Art / Interface

Alexander Luck



AI & Multiplayer

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Flow Fire Games is a small development team based in Berlin, Germany.

We focus on developing high quality games that emphasize rich and deep mechanics.

Flow Fire Games UG (haftungsbeschränkt) HRB 167558 B
Berlin, Lotosweg 31, 13467  - Geschäftsführer: Alexander Luck